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Excellent Service

Excellent customer service separates PAINTERS FOR LESS, from its competitors.

Fully Insured

We carry Worker’s Compensation Insurance. In the event one of our workers are injured on your property, you don’t have to worry about possible lawsuits against you or claims against your Homeowner’s Insurance. 9 out of 10 ‘fly-by-night’ painting companies do not carry this very important type of insurance coverage and flee when asked for proof of certificate. Always request a certificate for Workers Compensation Insurance before hiring a painting contractor. Not only does it fully protect you against lawsuits and claims, but it is a mandatory federal/state law for a painting contractor with employee’s to carry Workers Compensation and not just general liability coverage. What does this say about a painting contractor who breaks the law and fails to carry this coverage? They have no regard for the law, the safety of their workers, or whether you as their customer risk the possibility of a lawsuit as a result of a personal injury on your property.


All of my craftsmen use only the finest available brushes and tools in order to perform at the highest professional level. My craftsmen are some of the very best in the industry and are ‘career’ professionals not part-time college students or other tradesmen who are out of work and just trying to make ends meet.


I will suggest appropriate paint products for your particular project and have over 16 years of experience in Residential and Light Commercial Painting.

Competitive Prices

Our prices are competitive when compared to other ‘legitimate’ companies who offer all insurance coverages, quality craftsmen, and who use only the best materials. Please keep this in mind when comparing ‘apples’ to ‘apples’, so to speak. If another company is much cheaper, there’s usually a simple explanation for it and typically homeowners will end up paying more for all of the costly mistakes when corrected by a qualified professional.


You can rest assured that we will show up when we’re supposed to and complete your project in a timely fashion.


More than 90% of our business is generated through word-of-mouth referrals.

About us

Just like many of us, Will was looking for new possibilities in life. His’ intentions were clear; to work for his self and to create better opportunities for his families. He had a passion and desire to work no matter what the outcome was. Deciding to continue his strengths he would one day create something truly extraordinary.
The company was founded in 2003 by will, where it began operations in painting and wallcovering services. With hard work and dedication, He transitioned into one of the largest commercial and industrial painting companies. The passion to overcome the everyday challenges, ethical leadership, and management skills have been the engine of the company and have created a stellar reputation throughout the construction industry.

Commercial Painting

Painters for Less helps your business put its best foot forward. Display your branding with pride, and inspire your consumers with confidence. Our work lets you create a truly professional appearance.

Residential Painting

Make your home your own. You can rely on our interior specialists to help you set the perfect tone for any space regardless whether you favor the traditional, rustic, modern or any other style.

Exterior Painting

We’re experts at selecting the ideal exterior coating options and techniques to help your building resist the elements. Our eye for design and attention to detail make it easy to protect your property and look good while doing it.

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