House Painting Ideas For 2021: Top Color Collections From The Pros

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House Painting Ideas For 2021: Top Color Collections From The Pros

With a new year comes a whole host of brand new and exciting color trends. The pros have spoken, and while opinions might differ, one thing’s for sure: 2021 is going to be a year full of some truly magnificent colors.

If you’re looking for house painting ideas and inspiration, then you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we’ll be rounding up some of Sherwin-Williams’ predictions for the hottest color trends we’ll be seeing in 2021, and how you can incorporate them into your own personal interior design aesthetic.

From minimalist hues to bold and daring hints and pops, there’s something here for everyone. Read on for four beautiful color palettes and plenty of interior house painting inspiration.

Neutral, understated, natural. The Sanctuary color palette is all about bringing nature inside. Muted tones of grays, clays, earthy greens, and beige make up this inviting color collection.

1. Sanctuary

Due to its unassuming and calming nature, this collection could work well in many different rooms. In fact, it would be a perfect pick if you were looking to bring a singular color story throughout your entire home.

2. Continuum

A little bit of a departure from the ultra serene colors of the Sanctuary collection, Continuum is a more bright and playful palette, while still feeling pretty calm, and collected.

The purple, teal, and muted mustard yellow that comprise this collection bring to mind a slightly 1970s vibe. Yet the inspiration behind the collection is decidedly modern. While this palette won’t work in every space, it would be an amazing pop of color for a living or dining room.

3. Encounter

Encounter brings back to a more natural state of mind. For Sherwin-Williams, the inspiration for this collection was organic matter and ancient times, and that’s very plain to see.

Pale and dusty blues work well with the burnt reds and off-whites of this palette. Again, this color story could work well throughout the home, but it would add a great sense of warmth in particular to a bedroom or living room.

4. Tapestry

Definitely the boldest and brightest of Sherwin-Williams’ picks for 2021, Tapestry is without a doubt an instantly impactful palette. Vivid pink combined with varying shades of green and blue are unexpectedly but well tied together with a stark pop of black.

This palette is not for the faint-hearted, though truthfully, it too could work in almost any room. But only in the house of someone with lots of confidence and an eye for design.

The Ultimate House Painting Ideas for 2021

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